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Abacus Investment Management

Creating an Investment Stradagy

We provide investment stradagies for the individual, retiree, retirement plan sponsor, or corporation.

identify your goals

You've identified your goals and done some basic research. You understand the difference between a stock and a bond. But how do you actually go about creating an investment portfolio? What specific investments are right for you? What resources are out there to help you with investment decisions? Do you need a financial planner to help you get started?

Setting Financial Goals

A financial planner is a professional advisor who can help you set financial goals and who can develop and help implement an appropriate financial plan that manages all aspects of your financial picture, including investing, retirement planning, estate planning, and protection planning. Unlike other financial advisors, a financial planner looks at your finances as an interrelated whole and helps you plan accordingly.


Our service will provide an integrated financial plan, involving your goals, tax consideration and retirement goals.



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Saving for retirement, your children's education, that future dream vacation, or just for a rainy day?

There are many incentive programs: low-income savings incentives, "catch-up" contributions to your pension fund, tax credits, and more.

Saving Incentives
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